About us

A business should run like a finely tuned machine. Each element of the business needs to work in harmony. Each area of your business plays a critical role the enables the other departments in your company to succeed. If one department doesn’t do their part then the whole company suffers. Conversely if one department sees gains it can ripple across the entire company.

Our role at Excention is to work with your management and staff to asses what processes and opportunities you are currently utilizing in your business and what opportunities are available to capitalize on for new growth. We use our deep knowledge of business disciplines and technology to create a path to business harmony and performance.

We have found working with our clients that there are some very common patterns and traps a business can fall into that hold them back from reaching their potential. We build a plan to overcome their hang ups, align the company’s path with overlooked opportunities for growth, and implement technology or custom software solutions to formalize habits and processes that will transform the business.

“Software and technology efficiently formalizes a business’s practices, if those practices are harmful to the business it simply speeds up the damage or decay”

How we Work for your Business.
First we discuss what are the goals and vision for the company. This allows us to tailor our services to make sure the end results line up with the intentions. We then asses where your business is at right now, what is going well and what’s not, and how everything aligns with your company’s goals and vision. Next we look into how the different areas of your business are working in harmony and find ways to overcome the disfunction within the business. Once we have established a plan to harmonize your business we start looking at strategies to grow and improve your opportunities. We also look into technology that can help improve and formalize your processes and when solutions aren’t available that will solve the issue we can help develop custom software solutions that will help your business get to where you want to be.


Sometimes all a business needs to reach the next level is someone to help them find the path. Our advisors will help you find the path that leads to your goals.

Business Optimization

Finding ways to optimize your business and unlock new opportunities is our specialty. We uncover what’s holding you back, the direction you should go and can help put the right people in place to get you there.

Software Solutions

Technology and software solutions are a great way to solidify your processes and speed things up. We will help identify the best processes and the best software available to use. We can also help you build custom software to solve your problems.